Top 80 philosophy essay topics for high grades


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Top 80 Philosophy Essay Topics For High Grades

Are you tired of writing flat topics in your philosophy essays? I bet most of you are. Crafting an eye-catching philosophy paper is never a walk in the park. Philosophy essays require as much research and effort as any science paper you write. Consequently, many students find it difficult to write persuasive essays on their philosophy assignments. Having a deep understanding and knowledge of philosophical theories is a requirement for you to craft an excellent essay.

Understanding Philosophy Essay Requirements.

It is hard to describe everything that defines philosophy. We will give an overview of what it is to have a rough idea of what it stands for. Philosophy writing stands for any academic writing or scholarly writing that defends a particular claim, idea, or theory that cannot be scientifically proven.

While writing a philosophy essay, one requires to follow a strict format that they are provided with. Like any other essay you will come across in school, philosophy essays pretty much require you to follow the teacher’s or lecturers’ instructions to the latter. As you write, you present your idea, claim, or theory through the paper, explaining it and describing it persuasively throughout the paper. Defend the paper, actively supporting your arguments with reliable facts to convince the readers well enough.

Choosing Philosophy Paper Topics.

This is the stage where many students stall and end up picking shoddy topics, they cannot argue to the end, and if they can, the topic is self-explanatory. You should ensure to choose a topic that is not so obvious, and at the same time, you can argue the topic with reliable facts to counter the academic inquiry stage. A topic that can not only be presented to your teacher or lecturer but also the world. History has judged many philosophy students harshly due to the poor choice of their topics that have earned poor grades. It is recommended you ensure to choose a topic that related to the following branches:

  • Epistemology paper topics
  • Argumentative essay topics for philosophy
  • Ancient philosophy argumentative essay topics
  • Religion philosophy essay topics
  • Philosophy of mind essay topics
  • Science Philosophy
  • Philosophy of the Buddhists
  • Philosophy of the Chinese
  • Philosophy of the Christians
  • Continental philosophy
  • American Philosophy
  • Analytic Philosophy
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Feminist Philosophy
  • Digital Philosophy
  • Greek Philosophy
  • Hindu Philosophy
  • Islamic Philosophy
  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Neuro-Philosophy
  • Synoptic Philosophy
  • Social Philosophy
  • Reformational Philosophy

However, if you are still finding it hard to come up with a persuasive topic, we have you covered by giving you good philosophy paper topics to build on

Best Tips On How To Craft An Excellent Philosophy Essay

You need a clear mind while doing any philosophy paper to achieve the structure needed, as well as making a detailed research to gather all the facts to defend your topic. Ensure you have a deep understanding of the idea you are writing about to build confidence in the topic. To give you a headstart, ensure you already have an idea of how your essay will look like even before hitting a single word on that screen or scripting the first paragraph.

The structure of your essay.

Like all essays and papers you have written before, your philosophy essay requires the intro, the body, and the conclusion. These are the critical components of any essay that you will ever have to write, be it philosophy, psychology, or science.

1. Make a detailed outline.

After you are done researching, ensure you write an outline before you start your essay. This will act as a guide to take you through as you craft your essay. The outline pinpoints the paragraphs you will include in your essay, the ideas to write in each paragraph, and the structure of the paragraph. In a nutshell, it will act as a blueprint of your essay.

2. Introduction

Be sure to make the introduction attractive and compelling to the reader. This is the part of your philosophy essay paper that determines whether the reader gets to read your paper. It is where you introduce the thesis of the paper, letting the reader know what you are going to cover. Ensure you give the reader the essential relevant information they need to know.

3. Creating a persuasive thesis statement

We can define a thesis statement as a topic sentence for the whole paper. Its primary purpose is to summarize the main idea or theory that you are arguing about. Make sure you come up with a persuasive and eye-catching topic, but precise and simple for anyone to understand. To structure a compelling philosophy essay, you ought to write on a debatable thesis statement. A topic that attracts attention and needs research as well as a planned presentation of facts.

4. The body

This is where you present your argument and facts to prove your idea. Ensure you include all the relevant information necessary to make the essay as attractive as possible. Have a minimum of three body paragraphs, but depending on the instructions given by your lecture/ teacher, you could make them more.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, summarize all your arguments and counter-arguments to make a closure to your reader. Reflect on all the facts and give the reader a compelling answer to why you strongly support your theory.

6. Proofreading and editing your essay

Presenting accurate error-free work should be your ultimate goal as a student. It counts to almost 40% of the grading of your paper. Therefore, you ought to ensure you proofread the essay correcting all the spelling, grammar, and syntax errors in your essay.

With an overview of how you should structure your essay, focus on choosing an argumentative philosophy essay topic to write. There are many essay philosophy topics you can write about on the internet. You just have to be careful where you choose to use it as a reference point. In case you are having a hard time coming up with your philosophy essay, you should consider seeking professional help.

The following is a compiled list of philosophy essay topics that you can choose to capitalize on. The topics have been researched by experts and found above average. Be sure to earn a high score if you build your philosophy essay from these philosophy topics. The most recommended topics to write about are:

  1. Epistemology paper topics
  2. Argumentative essay topics for philosophy
  3. Ancient philosophy argumentative essay topics
  4. Religion philosophy essay topics
  5. Philosophy of mind essay topics

80 Best Philosophy Thesis Topics For Your Essays.

  1. Given a chance, but you are not 100% sure of your success rate, would it be better to give up?
  2. If you had a chance to choose a time to live in, what century would you live?
  3. What would you like to change if taken back ten years ago? Does society influence our personality much?
  4. Unlike the common belief that everything has a good and bad side, is it possible that human beings have more good than bad?
  5. How would you define love in your life?
  6. Does starting a family bring about more joy and happiness in a person's life or not?
  7. What is happiness?
  8. Between a job you like and one that pays more, which one would you choose?
  9. What brings about a unique personality?
  10. Rules are meant to be bent. How viable is this common phrase?
  11. Is it possible to live and yet not feel alive?
  12. Which are the most significant values one should have in modern society?
  13. Between a person you love and a rich one capable of taking care of your needs, whom would you marry?
  14. What is the leading cause of loneliness?
  15. Do you believe in the afterlife?
  16. What determines the richness/ wealthiness of a person?
  17. What makes you who you are?
  18. Could others be harboring a different kind of life forms?
  19. How true do you find the idea of man evolving from apes?
  20. What are the most common things that fuel anger and depression in people?
  21. What is the most crucial thing in your life?
  22. How would the world be if people had a second life on earth?
  23. Does love have to be two-way traffic?
  24. Does having money determine how successful you are?
  25. What is the importance of education?
  26. What determines whether a person is educated or not?
  27. Are there ugly people? If yes, what defines beauty?
  28. How would you describe a perfect life?
  29. How long does love last?
  30. Does the truth change depending on the circumstance?
  31. Explain the concept of souls
  32. Is there anything like love at first sight?
  33. Define creativity
  34. How would life be without emotions?
  35. How effective is having a mentor in life?
  36. Define the primary purpose of life
  37. What is life?
  38. Is there a supernatural being in existence?
  39. How is religion being used by greedy people as a manipulation tool?
  40. What is the better option for a teenager, giving birth, or abortion?
  41. If God exists, how many are there?
  42. What would the earth look like without the law?
  43. Should human rights be protected?
  44. Is democracy real?
  45. Does every person have freedom of choice?
  46. Which is better, graduating and finding a formal job or starting a business?
  47. What are the effects of sharing everything with your partner?
  48. Do animals have emotions?
  49. What is the future of digital currencies in the future?
  50. Is formal education becoming useless as time advances?
  51. How would you imagine yourself without death?
  52. Imagine you have a time machine, which situation in your life would you change?
  53. What is the role of society in determining how people relate?
  54. Is it true everything has both good and bad traits?
  55. Can one live a life without love?
  56. What is the role of a family in a person’s life?
  57. Is there a scale that determines how much a person is happy?
  58. What would you choose-a well-paid job or vacation?
  59. What makes a person different from others?
  60. What is the major cause of crime?
  61. Is there a perfect relationship?
  62. What is your greatest life motivation?
  63. What is the most significant contributor to broken marriages?
  64. How is technology affecting relationships?
  65. If you could afford anything in life, what are the three things you could spend time on?
  66. How does being wealthy affect a person’s relationship?
  67. Is there reincarnation?
  68. Could there be a different universe?
  69. If given a chance, what situation in your life would you like to change?
  70. How do you deal with anger?
  71. What is the worst decision you have made in life? What lessons have you learned from the consequences?
  72. Should sex education be introduced in schools as a subject?
  73. What would you prefer, to love or to be loved?
  74. What is the significance of formal education in modern society?
  75. What role does school play in raising kids?
  76. Explain why beauty definitions change from person to person.
  77. What contributes to most of the challenges the youth face today?
  78. Some people believe that true love has an expiry date. How true is it?
  79. What would you prefer, a beautiful lie that maintains your life stable and happy or a hard truth that destroys you?
  80. What is the leading cause of suicide among the youth?